15 August, 2008

Relative Enthusiasm

Let's have a study in contrasts, shall we?

Folks waiting for a McCain campaign event to begin:

And folks waiting for an Obama campaign event:

McCain rally draws 75:

Obama rally draws 75,000:

I'd draw you a picture... only I rather think I just did.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but if Obama didn't piggyback his appearances on rock concerts he wouldn't draw those big crowds, either.

Blake Stacey said...

Laying aside the issue that a selection of photographs is a doubly indirect and thus perhaps doubly biased sampling of reality, well, at least McCain's supporters look like they'd be comfortable at an Applebee's salad bar.

Lightning Rose said...

Of course, the only way McDumbya can draw a crowd is if he party crashes somewhere.

On August 5, while opening for Kid Rock at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, John McDumbya suggested his wife (the same one he refers to as a "cunt") should enter the Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant (NSFW).

george.w said...

Oddly, Barack's popularity itself seems to be the basis of the McCain campaign's criticism of him.