30 August, 2008

POW Week Concludes

My darlings, you've stuck with me through a solid week of harping on Johnny "Don't Blame Me - I was a POW!" McCain's fuckery. By now, we should all be heartily sick of his bleating. Of course, t'ain't hardly over - there's a long election season ahead, and plenty of opportunities for Johnny to pull out his battered and grubby POW card. I, for one, am waiting for him to start waving it around in defense of his choice of Palin for Veep.

But enough of the bashing. He's done his best to turn his status into a joke, and I can think of no better way to end this parade of pathos by obliging him. Let's have us some fun.

Courtesy of Jared Rea, let's play the POW Game!

Digby's Hullaballoo guestblogger Batocchio brings us John McCain POW Bingo!

And finally, Canadian Cynic found a video that says it all, really.

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