22 February, 2009

Adios, Socks

He made it through the Clinton era, the Bush years, and caught a glimpse of the age of Obama, but that's as far as he goes. Cancer just caught up with Socks, the former First Cat.

It's not many cats who've had such long, rich lives, or got to have their say in the White House press room. Appropriate that a superstar feline ended up in Hollywood, eh? Even if it was Hollywood, MD, not CA. He spent his final years in quiet, happy retirement, getting fed chicken dinners by Bill Clinton's former secretary, Betty Currie, and putting in the occasional celebrity appearance to help less fortunate felines. He was an awesome cat, and he'll be missed.

Hasta luego, muchacho. Salud.


Andre Vienne said...

*salute* I always thought that cat was awesome. My mother has a black-and-white cat that looks a lot like him. It's good that he lived a full life, but kitty cancer is the suck.

I'll dedicate one of tonight's margaritas to the awesome fellow. He was rather exceptional in his own right, though I have to wonder how villainous he was, on a scale of cat-like villainy.

I can only assume that he did quite a bit of snooping around computers, and threw his weight around when it came to proper informational storage.

Cujo359 said...

Had a cat who looked a lot like Socks, too. Great friend. Adios, amigo.