15 February, 2009

Things I Learn About Myself at the Pacific Science Center

Every time I drop by the Pacific Science Center, I learn new things about meself.

Today, I discovered I could hit my target weight immediately by moving to Saturn.

Madegascar hissing cockroaches don't give me the creeps. Much.

And I've gots to get me that globe filled with rheoscopic fluid that demonstrates the atmospheric turbulence on gas giants like Jupiter. I thought the flat disc full of the stuff was teh awesome, but it's merely nifty compared to a globe of it. And guess what? You can at least get balls of the stuff for $6.95 at stevespanglerscience.com. If anyone knows where to find an empty clear plastic globe on a stand, let me know.

I'm a sucker for fluid turbulence, and I didn't even know it till now...

This is why communities need science centers. Getting your hands on stuff, getting to play and explore, seeing something new or something old in a new way, is enormously enriching as well as entertaining.

The floor is open, my darlings. Tell me what you learn about yourselves when you go play in the fields o' science.


Andre Vienne said...

I found recently that I absolutely love doing delta-v calculations and other space-related physics stuff, entirely by accident.

There I was, reading on the Atomic Rockets website, when I realized that I actually had a scientific calculator.

So I started writing. And calculating orbital velocities. And travel times. And similar things.

Now I can't stop.

It's awesome

Cujo359 said...

I keep rediscovering how much I wish I could be making some of the discoveries and findings they talk about in museums. Of course, I'd bet there are are few scientists who wish for the same thing.

Learning things, particularly things you hadn't even conceived of, is one of life's true joys.