05 February, 2009

Whip the Senate Into Shape

Time to pick up the whip.

We're shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, and the fucking Senate's quibbling over minutae. Con fucktards are driving the debate over the stimulus (which is something they desperately need to fail so they can hang on to what power they have left). And the Blue Dogs are trying to preach fiscal responsibility at a time when, without drastic action, there may not be enough fiscal left to worry about being responsible for.

This shit has got to stop. Call your Senators. Let them know in no uncertain terms that you're expecting them to rescue the country before we end up with third-world unemployment rates.

Drown out the Limbaugh lobotomy victims. It's getting intense out there.

Backed by a deluge of conservative grassroots phone calls (100 calls for every 1 progressive call!), Senate Republicans are moving rapidly to obstruct President Obama’s economic recovery bill. They’re pushing reforms that are designed essentially to make the plan fail -- demanding that billions be cut from a plan that, if anything, is already too small, and that more be diverted to top-end tax cuts.

Since when are we letting these fucktards drive the debate? Their ideas got us into this mess to begin with. It's like taking advice from the man who poured gasoline on your house and set it afire, then tells you that you need more gas to smother the flames. Is this country really that fucking stupid? Let's prove that at least a few of us aren't.
Especially in the midst of this meltdown, we cannot sit back for a moment while the forces conspiring to maintain the failed status quo push ever forward. Forget about campaigning, this is governing. And while different rules apply, one thing is constant - nobody ever won the battle of ideas without speaking up.

Call your Reps.
Do you know how many jobs our economy shed in December? 693,000. Over half a million jobs. If this shit continues, we will lose over 6,000,000 (that's six million for anyone who is zero-challenged) jobs this year. That's if things stayed the same. Anyone other than the delusional fools on the right care to bet that if we don't take action, things won't get worse?

We need to start screaming before we all end up fucked.
Take a few minutes and call your senators, even the liberals, and tell them that you want them to vote for the stimulus. I can't believe we have to whip a Democratic senate with 58 goddamned votes, but apparently we do.
Whip your Senators into shape.

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