25 February, 2009

Your Vote Counts

I'm shopping for a love seat. Found this one on clearance at Target:

I mean, how cool is that? A love seat that converts into a bed fit for midgets! Or for someone who wants to spread out her laptop and writing crap in front of the teevee some night.

What do you all think? Aye or nay?


Keltixx said...

Hon, that is kind of ugly. Try Overstock.com for something a little prettier. I have fallen in love with the chair and a half chairs. With and ottoman, you have work space, snuggle space, nap space.

Ciao - JeffreyD

Cujo359 said...

Aesthetic qualities aside, will its extra functionality be useful? Unless you'll be entertaining midgets (or their distant cousins, children), it might not be all that useful. Personally, a few hours spent in a cramped position is seldom enjoyable.

Hank said...

Yes! Buy it! Your purchase may get America back on track!! Stimulate the economy!!

Besides all your other minions forget one very important point that only feline guardians would understand: Your Feline American will absolutely love it!