17 February, 2009

How Right They Were

And, since I'm talking about Cons, you know I don't mean "correct."

David Waldman, the blogger formerly known as Kagro X, has compiled a series of Con quotes about Clinton's stimulus package. You know, the one that led to nearly a decade of prosperity. The Cons were just as Right then as they are now - and just as blindingly stupid.

A taste:

Rep. Robert Michel (R-IL), Los Angeles Times, 5/28/93:

They will remember who let loose this deadly virus into our economic bloodstream.


Rep. Christopher Cox (R-CA), 5/27/93:

This is really the Dr. Kevorkian plan for our economy.


Rep. John Kasich (R-OH), GOP News Conference, Senate Gallery, 8/3/93:

Come next year... we're going to find out whether we have higher deficits, we're going to find out whether we have a slower economy, we're going to find out what's going to happen to interest rates, and it's our bet that this is a job killer.

Ah, yes. Total job killer:

And that deficit, oh dear:

Not to mention, y'know, the economy totally tanked:

And I'm sure they're just as Right this time.

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