12 February, 2009

Good for a Godwin

Someone needs to explain Godwin's Law to our more hysterical national newspapers. This is the kind of foaming-at-the-mouth insanity I expect from people in mental wards, not the pages of a staid ol' business newspaper. But here we are, staring at Hitler over breakfast:

If the Wall Street Journal’s fabled editorial section has been letting in too many drafts of puzzling and infuriating reality during these past few weeks, why not head over to the Washington Times or Investors Business Daily, grab yourself a straw and snort the Kool Aid straight up your nose?

Above: Washington Times editorial page, 2/11/09

Actually, it’s a fortunate day to visit the Washington Times editorial page, because you can go a lot of Hitler-free days over there before getting the Hitler. I mean they don’t always give it up. Sometimes it’s all teasing and tassels and then the curtain closes and you’re standing there with no more Hitler than you came in with.

This was not one of those days, nor was this or this. Nor for that matter this.


What we learn today from the Washington Times is that medical records must not be digitized like that Obama plan proposes, but can only exist in paper form because YOU KNOW WHO LIKED EFFICIENCY HITLER THAT’S WHO. And certainly, such naïve, Godwin-unaware amuse-gueules of instaHitler are in the category of always-funny.
Somehow, I don't think bringing medical records into the 21st century will lead to the return of the Reich. Yet this is the claim of one of the (formerly) most respected newspapers in the country. [edit: Um, nevermind. Peter's right - it wasn't merely purchased by Moon, it was founded by him. So much for my memory...]

I thought we lived in a country with a booming market for psychotropics. Why, then, are such obviously delusional people left unmedicated and suffering episodes of acute paranoia on the editorial pages?


Peter said...

Hey, Dana, when you said:

Yet this is the claim of one of the (formerly) most respected newspapers in the country.

are you confusing the Washington Times with the Washington Post? The Times is the Moonie paper.

Cujo359 said...

As long as we're going to be hostage to insurance companies for our medical care, I'm somewhat nervous about digitized medical records. They're also something of a concern for people looking for work, for what I think are obvious reasons.

Still, I could have done just fine without the Hitler reference. After all, Mussolini loved efficiency, too. Why doesn't anyone write about how Mussolini would have liked something they're against anymore? ;-)