20 February, 2009

Where Are They Now? Confused Con Edition

Remember Carol Carter, the Republicon party official who emailed a racist joke to a select few friends and threw a sniveling fit when someone called her on the carpet? She's had a busy ten days.

Some things are too embarrassing even for the GOP, so she resigned. Then she tried to rescind her resignation. Failing that, she wants to run in the election meant to replace her. Or maybe she doesn't. She's all confused. And she's still confused over the definition of an apology:
At the local party meeting this week, Carter continued the "sorry you found out" apology tour, saying:
Please accept my deep and sincere apologies. I was wrong to have shared any such materials even with a few.
Hmmm, not sorry for the horrendously insensitive and racist content? Just that you shared it? Nice. But she goes on:
The media frenzy that happened was beyond my comprehension, and in the heat of the moment I e-mailed a resignation.

To those of you who leaked to the media, I'm ashamed of you.
That's right, email leakers and evil media forces- Carol is ashamed of YOU!
I love this. "In the heat of the moment," she resigned, all because some untrustworthy bastard leaked her lack of humor, the media decided that a Con official making racist jokes might just be newsworthy, and who could've known that sending around inappropriate emails when you're in a position of authority could blow up in your face? So, y'know, since her resignation was kinda sorta like a crime of passion, she didn't really mean it and she'd like her job back - even though she hasn't yet managed a proper mea culpa for being a racist fuckwit.

Expect to see her added to the Palin-Santelli dream ticket as a top cabinet-level pick any day now...

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