20 February, 2009

Friday Favorite Physics Cats

Two of my great loves: physics and cats. Thanks to the intertoobz, I can indulge them all at once.

This was my opinion of biology once. Then I discovered molecular biology, got to know evolutionary theory better, and realized there wasn't anything "soft" about it at all...

This is a frequent experience at Casa de Dana. I do believe my cat has several wormholes scattered throughout the apartment - either that, or she's discovered how to use Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Nothing else explains why she can pop so suddenly out of nowhere.

String theory: exciting, elegant, and damned cute!

Every cat seems to have a touch of Schrödinger's Cat in them.

Cats sometimes do seem to defy the laws of physics. A friend and I once tried to clean off her coal-dust covered kitty by dropping it in the wading pool. I'd never seen an animal go from a vertical fall to a horizontal flee without any intermediate stages before - and this cat didn't even ruffle the water. They prove the impossible possible every day.

Who can resist a kitteh that imitates Einstein? Not me. And I'll bet I'm not alone here.


Cujo359 said...

Nothing else explains why she can pop so suddenly out of nowhere.

Keep talking like that, and we'll find you at the Discovery Institute some day. It's not a bad gig, I hear. You can name your own hours, some writing skills required, but you have that part nailed.

NP said...

I LURVE kittehs!