04 February, 2009

Running With the Big Dogs

During a rare foray through Sitemeter to see Who's Reading Dana Now, I discovered I've become a "local blogger" running alongside the likes of NBC and the Huffington Post:

(Clicky to avoid eyestrain)

Can my legs keep up?

I have to admit being both flattered and amused by this. And anything that puts me bang alongside a Colbert Report clip is awesome. But I think it's symptomatic of something: Change Congress needs more news. So if you likee the idea of kicking the special interest donors out of our campaigns, show them some love.

Besides, we get a big enough pack of small dogs going, we can PWN the big ones. And I think that's exactly what we need to do when it comes to campaigns. As much as I appreciate the corporation that gives me a job, I don't want it buying influence in Washington. Little guys like us tend to get stomped when the big money boyz make their deals.

Who's with me?

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