11 February, 2009

Twits Shouldn't Twitter

Is there anything more pathetic than a Con trying to use modern technology?


Ahh, Twitter. Nothing beats watching these nerds attempt to, in the words of blogger Phillip Anderson, "Twitter themselves back to respectability."

And Anderson's got a great example. Up in New York State, James Tedisco is running for Congress in the 20th District. And, as Anderson reports, "It seems someone [associated with Tedisco's campaign] decided it would be soooo awesome to scoop up every Tweet tagged "#ny20" and dump it directly to their front page." And so, Tedisco's website became an awesome source of Tedisco oppo. SMOOTH MOVE!

Anderson summed it up, thusly: "I would never encourage you to have fun with this at Tedisco's expense. Really. Wouldn't be sporting."

Unsurprisingly, the Tedisco site underwent another redesign.
This, of course, comes after the rather spectacular cock-up by one of the Cons' higher-ranking members:

As I pointed out last week, Crazy Pete Hoekstra, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, says we can't have whistleblower protection included in the stimulus package because it would compromise our national security if intelligence community whistleblowers could safely tell Congress (in a classified setting) about fraud and wrong-doing.

After which, Crazy Pete promptly went to Iraq and posted the classified details of his and John Boehner's trip to his Twitter account.

That could have led to tragedy, but so far we've mostly witnessed comedy:

Consider us lucky. Following in Saul's and Crazy Pete's footsteps, the idiotic Republican Chair in Virginia just blew a plot to flip the Senate today by tweeting about it prematurely. Democrats currently have a 21-19 majority in the VA Senate. Republicans had convinced Democrat Ralph Northam to flip sides which, with the Republcian Lt Governor, would have tipped the Senate to the Republicans.

And then the Republican Party Chair Jeff Frederick tweeted it.

Having been thus warned, the Democrats adjourned before Republicans could execute their plot ... and proceeded to pound Northam until he rethought his decision to flip.

The Republicans fucked up a chance to flip the Senate with their sloppy Tweet habits!

And these nitwits think they're capable of running the country. No wonder we're in the condition we're in...

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