02 July, 2009

Mah New Bebbes!

I woke up haunted by the memory of the fuchsia plant I'd left behind. Y'see, the Arboretum gift shop was closed when we went yesterday, but they still had the Arboretum-grown plants sitting outside, and there was this Starry Trail fuchsia that gave me the puppy-dog eyes (metaphorically speaking). He was still there when I went back! And here's my beautiful baby:

Of course, I couldn't condemn him to a life as an only child (although my cat and I don't mind our status). So I chose him a sister, a cute little Madame Cornelissen:

I'll have better pictures of them once they're a little older and the wind isn't blowing. I'm sure you're all beside yourselves with excitement.

One of the most thrilling things about moving to the Northwest for me was the potential of having surviving fuchsias. I've always loved them, but they don't love Arizona, alas. Now I have a baker's rack full o' em, and I anticipate many happy years watching them grow. Maybe they'll even give me grandbebbes.

I didn't just spend my day chasing plants. I made the mistake of passing by Half-Price Books in Redmond whilst on my way to the hobby shop in a fruitless search for a home for the rock collection. Did I say passed by? I meant that only in a temporary sense. Book stores are like black holes for me, especially book stores where books can be had for cheap. This one turns out to be two stories. And they have a ginormous science section. Did I say ginormous? I meant that only in a temporary sense. It's rather smaller now that I've been through it...

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Karen said...

Beware, there's a fungus that attacks fuschias, for which there's no cure. I've lost more plants than I can count to it, and have given up growing them. The first sign is leaves that curl in a most un-fuschia-like manner.

That said, I've read in many places that (un-fungused) fuschias are dead easy to propagate.

Many happy blossoms to you.