20 October, 2008

My Esteemed Co-blogger Resigns His Post

Bloody hell.

Kaden, our Senior Teen Correspondent, has moved on to better and brighter things:

My username is jsnf. That is because my name is Jacob Steven Nicholson-Fitzgerald. I am the President and Co-Founder of Modern Magic Enterprises. I am also one of the creative writers, though that title may or may not be official. In any case, I am one of the forces behind Modern Magic’s current project, Flight 271, and the primary force behind the sequel, Survival Instinct.

This has been in the works for quite some time, and it's thrilling to see that all of his hard work, dedication, and formidable creative power is about to pay off in the form of an outstanding set of video games. Alas, this may even force me to procure a game console.

Join me in wishing him all the luck in the world, and reminding him that there's always an audience if he wants to join us here in the cantina for the occasional diatribe. His posts on Academia are sorely missed. I hope, despite his idea that he's resigned, he realizes this is not the end, but merely a beginning.

Let him know that the occasional post on video games will not go amiss here.

Salud, mi amigo!

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