02 February, 2009

Not Bad Blog Day

Criminy. Apparently there's some thing called Blog Amnesty Day running around out there, which earns double points on the Ridicu-lo-meter for both having no concept of what "amnesty" is and for a really poorly thought out acronym. You're supposed to be helping small bloggers boost traffic, and you're calling it BAD?

Deary, deary me.

Well, Cujo359 gave them the short sharp snap to the nads they deserved for such poor foresight, and I likee his idea - Not Bad Day. Now, the problem is choosing only five of you to highlight.

Cheating is required. Cujo already highlighted two of my longstanding faves - The Coffee-Stained Writer and Ecstathy. Cujo's already been linked by dint of being the creator of this very good idea. So I don't have to highlight those folks (although I just did anyway, ha!).

I should run a pole-dancing contest for the honor of being named as one of the official five. This is a cantina, thee knows. But I'll be nice. This once.
Cafe Philos, of course, immediately comes to mind. Paul's gorgeous blog is where I go for refuge, when I want to set my artistic soul free from the burning chains of stupidity that assault it from the conniving Con and frothing fundie fronts.

Thoughts in a Haystack, John Pieret's creationist-bashing domain, is another favorite. He's got that dry sense of humor and a perfect grasp of science, which makes his hits against the IDiots very palpable indeed.

Decrepit Old Fool, George W.'s enterprise, is one of those cornucopia's where I never know what I'm going to find next, but never fail to be delighted with. Utterly astounding photography, as well as musings on life, the universe and everything that are profound or funny or profound and funny or just plain interesting.

Bay of Fundie, Ron Britton's no-holds-barred snarkfest, is beyond description. Just go. Don't have anything unswallowed when you do, or at least keep your mouth pointed away from the monitor.

Submitted to a Candid World, Ames's delicious Constitution-fest, is utterly wonderful. I don't go there as often as I should, but when I do, I savor. Ames writes like a demon - in copious quantity, and with far better arguments than any angel could come up with. And his co-bloggers don't disappoint, either.
There's mah five (okay, eight!). And when I get around to updating my damned blogroll, which will happen before Seattle's next major earthquake, you'll know who my other adored ones are. That's why I hate these lists - never enough room!

Right, then, my darlings: if you're inspired to do so, go put up a Not Bad Day list of your own, and do please link to it in comments so I can expand my horizons. Love to you all!


Cujo359 said...

OK, define major earthquake. We have a pool going...

Cujo359 said...

I hadn't read Bay of Fundie, incidentally, but any of the others in your list could have been on mine, too. Glad you mentioned them.

John Pieret said...

Thank you for the kind words. As soon as the snow stops here, I'll cogitate on a list of my own (which will mention Tequila prominently ... and your blog too).

John Pieret said...

By the way, you won the pool.

Paul said...

I can't believe I didn't see this earlier! Damn! I guess masturbation really does cause blindness. Any way, thank you so much, Dana, for your very kind words!