10 September, 2009

But Really, They're Not Racists: Cheap Accusation Edition

An excellent pwn by Phoenix Woman:

The people who pushed to censor President Obama's speech, and who habitually call him a Communist or Socialist (and who call the public option "communism") are not only the same ones who approve of Bush and Reagan speaking to our kids, they (or their parents) were running around in the 1960s calling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a Commie, and holding up signs at anti-civil-rights protests that read "RACE MIXING IS COMMUNISM".

Oh, you say, that was forty-plus years ago! Surely nobody exists today who believes that?!

Why, yes they do, and as Lean Left points out, they write for "respectable" conservative magazines like the National Review, and emit (as Lisa Schiffren did back in 2008) things like this concerning President Obama's white mother and black father:

… Political correctness was invented precisely to prevent the mainstream liberal media from persuing the questions which might arise about how Senator Obama’s mother, from Kansas, came to marry an African graduate student. Love? Sure, why not? But what else was going on around them that made it feasible? Before readers level cheap accusations of racism — let’s recall that the very question of interracial marriage only became a big issue later in the 1960s. The notion of a large group of mixed race Americans became an issue during and after the Vietnam War. Even the civil-rights movement kept this culturally explosive matter at arm’s distance.

It was, of course, an explicit tactic of the Communist party to stir up discontent among American blacks, with an eye toward using them as the leading edge of the revolution.

Lisa Schiffren, you're a racist and an asshat. That accusation wasn't cheap, but believe me, you earned every penny.


Woozle said...

At first, I couldn't even figure out what Schiffren's actual argument actually was. Milieu, sixties, interracial couples = Liberals Bad! Whuu?

So I went back and read the original article, and I think what she's trying to imply (along with lots of other things, like the ever-popular meme that liberalism is just rebellion against mommy and daddy) is that interracial couples only meet because of a mutual interest in communism.


Mike, Jerry, by continuing to support the Republican Party, you're supporting this idiocy!

(And for the record: of the three interracial couples I've met, none fit Schiffrin's profile, and two of them were white men married to black women. Of those two, one couple is more "highly educated" and the other is more "working class" - he even started his own business, which somehow makes me wonder if he's really a communist.)

Woozle said...

P.S. Do you suppose there's any chance in hell of getting conservatives to notice that most pro-Republican arguments are basically Rorschach inkblots? The actual connections between statements are left almost entirely up to the imagination, with a few random smudges and splotches here and there to help out.

This proves that conservatives do, after all, have imaginations -- which, unfortunately, only work when trying to imagine Scary Stuff that's gonna Corrupt Ar Morils an' Destroy Amairca. They're really, really good at that.

Too bad they can't also imagine how completely and easily they're being manipulated by people who know how to play to those fears.

Cujo359 said...

There was some nonsense last year about how Obama was a red diaper baby that some of you may remember. The premise was that, because race mixing back in the day was something only communists did, any products of these unions were genetically predisposed to socialism.

Woozle said...

Cujo: your 2008 post refers to the exact same Schiffrin article cited by Lean Left in Dana's quote.

Oddly, the NRO's layout seems to have changed completely from what I remember reading this morning... same braindead content, of course.