29 September, 2009

Mystery Solved

A few days back, I mentioned that the commercials for the new season of The Shift contained an unidentified promo song. No one on the intertoobz could figure out what it was or where it came from.

A day later, Dave from Investigation Discovery hopped into a forum where folks were bitching and promised he'd find out. And Dave came through:
And the answer is . . . . .

The Shift's Season 2 theme from the promos is called "Something Is Wrong"

It was recorded & produced by David Ayers & Felix Tod, the MC Vocals & rhymes are by Skeme and the publisher is West One APM (ASCAP).

More details to come on availability of this track outside of THE SHIFT's promos . . . which comes back for its second season on Wednesday, September 30at 10 PM on Investigation Discovery!

More elements are going to be online soon - but check the series' website out at http://investigation.discovery.com/t...the-shift.html to learn more.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm for The Shift promos - and be sure to check the show out!

Dave, you are so my hero!

By the way, if you like cop shows, three reasons to watch this one. 1) It takes place in Indianapolis, IN, which is a rather interesting place; 2) the detectives are fascinating; and 3) the cameras aren't horribly intrusive.

In my case, though, I'll mostly be doing it for Dave. But it really is a good show.

One thing I learned from The Shift marathon I watched Sunday: there's a damned good reason to hire women as detectives. How many men would haul off and hug a suspect? How many male suspects would accept that hug and then start babbling a confession, complete with telling where they buried the body, as if they were admitting to Mommy that yes, they'd been a bad, bad boy? Extraordinary. Let that be a lesson to the ladies: don't be afraid to be feminine in a traditionally "male" job. It can absolutely work in your favor.

Anyway. Mystery solved. Moving on, now...

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