29 September, 2009

An Invite to Me New Invitation-Only Blog!

Well, my darlings, summer's over, which means Dana's done playing hooky.  Time now for writing.  The cantina will get a bit quieter, although I'll still be providing at least two posts daily most days.  I'm not likely to neglect my regulars, now, am I?

And if you want to join me on my writer's journey, you are officially invited to become a Wise Reader.  A Slight Risk of Insanity is my invitation-only blog for musings, writerly snippets, and various and sundry other items related to the writer's life that I don't feel like cluttering the cantina with.  If you're interested in becoming a Reader, shoot me an email at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com.  You'll even have the chance to read excerpts nobody else can get their hands on.  How awesome is that?

As to the regulars who don't have time for yet another bloody blog but like the occasional post on writerly stuff, no worries.  I'll be cross-posting anything of general interest right here at the cantina.  No excerpts, though.  Gotta reserve something of interest for the privileged few!

Hope to see you over at the new place. 

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