16 September, 2009

My Co-Bloggers Are Too Modest

They could've come here to do their own shameless self-promotion, but no. They tell me they're doing amazing things and never even think to stand on the cantina bar and share their news with the patrons.

So your cantinera's up here bellowing the news instead.

My own heart-sister and mother of the greatest nephew in the world is now the official Orlando Creative Writing Examiner! She's got excellent advice for ye on writing, the universe, and everything. If you're a writer, someone who's curious about writers, or one of those folks who thinks that they may have it in them to maybe someday possibly become a writer, you owe it to yourself to visit her pages. She's my inspiration - let her be yours, as well. Fair warning: you will never ever be able to make excuses for not having time to write ever again. Not with a clear conscience, anyway.

And Kaden has a short story up at Life As I Play It that contains simply the best opening line that I've read all year:
Let it be said that the Honorable Judge Corso was holding up remarkably well with a gun pressed against his head.
Go indulge. And then come back here and let him know what else you'd like him to write about. He assures me he's always willing to put up a post for us, should you have a topic you'd like him to opine upon. His areas of expertise currently include attempting to find a non-crap job in today's economy, video games, creative writing, world building, and a variety of other things he probably doesn't even realize he's competent to discuss until he's forced to provide an opinion. He's one of the smartest people I know, so force away!

I'm very, very proud of my two co-bloggers. Between the patrons and the staff, this cantina holds some of the most talented people in the world. Salud to all of you!

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