20 September, 2009

Let's Not Have a Prop H8 Repeat, Okay?

Most of you probably know by now that anti-gay frothers collected enough signatures from anti-gay frothers to put a repeal of Maine's marriage equality law on the ballot. Don't think that because this is the enlightened Northeast, these fuckers will fail. Reality says otherwise:

Dkos released yesterday the first public polling numbers on Ballot Question 1 in Maine, which asks voters if they want to repeal the marriage equality law passed by the legislature and signed by the governor.

We are up by the narrowest of margins: 46 YES, 48 NO. That is essentially were we were at this point in the Prop 8 campaign, prior to the Yes side's devastating ad campaign.

That's a statistical dead heat, and the anti-gay zealots know they can sway public opinion with fear-mongering, lies and other such fuckery.

Well, we're ready for 'em:

But we all have the power influence the outcome of the race.

Maine is small. (For us out in California, it is really freaking small.) They are only expecting about 500k voters and have a budget of $3 million. They are as they like to say, "a cheap date".

That means we, the netroots can have a huge impact on this race.

I'm proud to announce that Blue America's 2010 ActBlue page is now live and No on 1 Maine is the first campaign to be list. They need your help to make sure unlike the Prop 8 campaign can stay up strongly on the air and continue to build their robust field program.

Give whatever you can. Early money is much more useful than late money, especially when so much of the vote will come in through the mail.

If you have some airline miles to spare, you can donate them here to fund volunteers traveling to Maine for a week, as part of their volunteer vacation program.

Let's get busy and get this shit defeated. Stop the haters in their tracks.

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