21 September, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Not much going on today, aside from Obama hitting the networks (except Faux) and doing his thing. Two bits that stand out: he says the public option's not dead yet, and the mandate's not a tax.

And here's another brick in Dick Armey's wall o' hypocrisy:
Isn't this interesting? Armey (who's had government health care all along) is suing to keep his Cadillac federal employees health care plan instead of Medicare.
That's right. Federal employees health care plan. As in, government-provided.

Cons are the kids who scream and whine and cry when somebody has a better toy than them, then refuse to let anybody else play when they get the toys they want.

I'm sure there's more health care dumbfuckery out there, but Auntie Flow's here, so I shall leave the searching to you lot. Alert me to any gems in comments, my darlings.

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