11 September, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Christ on a crutch. Whoda thunk one little speech would lead to such a flood of general idiocy?

Let's start with Rep. Paul Boustany, who gave the Con's rebuttal. Last night, he demanded everybody scrap all the progress and start from scratch. Today, he's burbling about how Cons agree 80% with Obama. Steve Benen asks, WTF?

We know Boustany's happy with that malpractice "reform" bone thrown the Cons' way. That's probably because of the multiple malpractice suits lodged against him. I think I see now why he gave up surgery for politics: he sucked leper donkey dick as a surgeon. But what else can you expect of someone stupid enough to fall for the "We can make you a British Lord!" line?

Lame talking points and weak rebuttals abound on the GOP side. Michael Steele's upset that Obama read Ted Kennedy's letter, while the usual parade of fucktards tries to spin the speech (which included a plethora of shout-outs to the Cons) as too partisan.

But the big story, o' course, is Rep. Joe Wilson, who called the Prez a liar. Turns out he's the lying piece of shit. Try to contain your shock. Also try not to be too surprised that covering undocumented immigrants would save money, yet the "party of fiscal responsibility" is still dead-set against providing health care to brown people. Enough so that they feel the need to howl "You lie!" at the POTUS.

Cons are trying to pass his little outburst off as a heat-of-the-moment thing. It seems Rep. Wilson has lots of those. So who can they blame Joe's lack of self-control on? Why, Dems, of course! And also, Wilson will not be muzzled! I'm sure his opponent's banking on it. He's already banked $500,000* off of one small outburst, after all.

Keith Olbermann takes on Wilson's stoopid and ends up exhausting the Smack-o-Matic. Beauty. Sheer beauty.

NBC calls the public option a "fetish." Rep. Maxine Waters is apparently indulging said fetish when she says no other options are as good as the public option. Lynn Woolsey's getting her fetish on when she sez the public option's still very much on the table. And House Progressives are indulging in a fetish fest when they demand a meeting with Obama in order to hold his feet to the fire. Whoever knew they were all such pervies, right?

On the bipartisan front, Eric Cantor can't think of any compromises the Cons would make in order to reach a bipartisan solution, but he's got all sorts of ideas on the compromises he wants Dems to make. Um, Eric? You fuckers lost the last election. This is why there are only 40 of you rattling round the Senate. Maybe you should talk to Barney Frank about how that works - he'll be more than happy to explain.

Orrin Hatch sez that not even famed "moderates" Snowe and Collins will go along with health care reform. So how do Dems get to 60? Why, talk to the man who has nothing left to lose. Teabaggers can't teabag a retiring Con, now, can they?

September should be a very interesting month indeed.

*Went a little overboard on the zeroes. Corrected thanks to dNorrisM.

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