14 May, 2008

Badges! We Have Badges!

Paul at Cafe Philos has been working overtime to ensure we have Elitist Bastard Art appropriate to our enterprise:

He's also got a damned good post on what the whole thing means, so if you haven't already, go have a gander and snag a badge. Muchos gracias, Paulito!
George at Decrepit Old Fool will be working on incorporating the array into a banner for those of us who want an army of Elitist Bastards prominently displayed.
Matt over at Where Is My Mind? has instructions for the non-internet savvy among us on how to use the things, and a damned good question: for those who haven't yet chosen their Icon of Elitism, who you gonna pick?
The time's a-comin' where we're all gonna have to decide... we're looking at a launch in early June at latest. Getchyor submissions in! Eggheads - Unite!


Matt said...

Dana, I just added detailed steps for embedding in Blogger since what I had before was generic and not very helpful if one has never done this kind of thing in Blogger before.

Thanks for the props and cheers!

Paul Sunstone said...

Dana, I just made another badge -- this time with Noam Chompsky.

Dana Hunter said...

Awesome, both o' ye! What would I do without you?

Paul Sunstone said...

Norman Borlaug is posted now.