24 May, 2008

Carnival Business #4

My darlings, we are almost ready to take the world by storm! Just a few things left to do:

Etha Williams needs Elitist Bastard quotes for a random quote generator she's putting together. If you have a quote that oozes elitist bastardry, be sure to drop it by.

The title bar is still sadly lacking graphic interest. Should anyone feel like playing with Photoshop over the weekend, an actual design would not go amiss.

If you're participating, don't forget to grab yourself a badge and bung it up on your sidebar by Friday. That goes for me as well.

Most importantly, don't forget to get your submissions in to elitistbastardscarnival@gmail.com. Ye olde deadline is end of day Friday, May 31st.

Anything to add? We're into the "What vitally important thing have I forgotten?" stage here.

Eggheads, Unite!

1 comment:

Jacob said...

Title bar. Graphic interest. Email me with what you want and a deadline, and I'll see what I can do. No promises.