15 May, 2008

Happy Hour Discurso

Today's opining on the public discourse.

John Conyers is my hero:

Just off the House floor today, the Crypt overheard House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers tell two other people: “We’re closing in on Rove. Someone’s got to kick his ass.”

Asked a few minutes later for a more official explanation, Conyers told us that Rove has a week to appear before his committee. If he doesn’t, said Conyers, “We’ll do what any self-respecting committee would do. We’d hold him in contempt. Either that or go and have him

Tell me, my darlings: does the idea of Karl Rove getting hauled off in handcuffs warm your hearts as much as it warms mine? The only thing that would make me happier is seeing Bush subjected to the same treatment. I wonder how they're going to feel about "enhanced interrogation" now?

Speaking of Bush, he seems to be completely letting himself go in his last few months of power. Someone needs to muzzle this stupid fucker before he does something completely outra- shit, too late:

Following up on an earlier item, the president spoke to the Israeli Knesset this morning, and instead of using the occasion to honor the 60th anniversary of the birth of Israel, Bush took ugly and cheap shots at Barack Obama and Democrats, equating their foreign policy with Nazi appeasement.

The response has been swift. John Kerry called Bush’s remarks part of a “disgusting and dangerous political game.” Joe Biden said, “This is bullshit. This is malarkey. This is outrageous. Outrageous for the president of the United States to go to a foreign country, sit in the Knesset…and make this kind of ridiculous statement,” before adding that Bush’s Secretary of State and Defense Secretary seem to agree with the Dems on this.

Nancy Pelosi joined the spanking. Howard Dean challenged McCain to "denounce these remarks in the strongest terms possible." And so McCain decided to...

Senator John McCain, who has been critical of President Bush on the environment and other policies this week, on Thursday morning wholeheartedly endorsed Mr. Bush’s veiled rebuke in the Israeli Knesset of Senator Barack Obama that talking to “terrorists and radicals'’ was no different than appeasing Hitler and the Nazis.

“Yes, there have been appeasers in the past, and the president is exactly right, and one of them is Neville Chamberlain,'’ Mr. McCain told reporters on his campaign bus after a speech in
Columbus, Ohio
. “I believe that it’s not an accident that our hostages came home from Iran when President Reagan was president of the United States. He didn’t sit down in a negotiation with the religious extremists in Iran, he made it very clear that those hostages were coming home.'’


Asked if he thought Mr. Obama was an appeaser — the Democratic candidate has said he would be willing to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran — Mr. McCain sidestepped and said, “I think that Barack Obama needs to explain why he wants to sit down and talk with a man who is the head of a government that is a state sponsor of terrorism, that is responsible for the killing of brave young Americans, that wants to wipe Israel off the map, who denies the Holocaust. That’s what I think Senator Obama ought to explain to the American people.'’

I think McCain needs to explain to the American people exactly how he's different from Bush, and if he feels good being an outrageous fuckwit who shits on his every principle and kisses Bush's ass at every opportunity. He also needs to explain exactly which "brave young Americans" Ahmadinejad is responsible for killing, because last I heard, the Administration couldn't even bring themselves to continue the lie about Iran sponsoring IEDs in Iraq.

Of course, what else can we expect from a twit who's this divorced from reality:

When explaining his position on Iraqi reconciliation, John McCain told an audience last year, “One of the things I would do if I were President would be to sit the Shiites and the Sunnis down and say, ‘Stop the bullshit.’”

This morning, in a similar vein, McCain told an Ohio audience about his vision of Iraq after his first term in the White House.

“By January 2013, America has welcomed home most of the servicemen and women who have sacrificed terribly so that America might be secure in her freedom. The Iraq War has been won. Iraq is a functioning democracy, although still suffering from the lingering effects of decades of tyranny and centuries of sectarian tension. Violence still occurs, but it is spasmodic and much reduced.

“Civil war has been prevented; militias disbanded; the Iraqi Security Force is professional and competent; al Qaeda in Iraq has been defeated; and the Government of Iraq is capable of imposing its authority in every province of Iraq and defending the integrity of its borders. The United States maintains a
military presence there, but a much smaller one, and it does not play a direct combat role.”

The irony is, at the outset of his speech, McCain argued, “It is important that the candidates who seek to lead the country after the Bush Administration define their objectives and what they plan to achieve not with vague language but with clarity. So, what I want to do today is take a little time to describe what I would hope to have achieved at the end of my
first term as President.”

By dithering on and on with - you guessed it - nothing but vague language. The man still expects to find a pony. A pretty pink pony with sparkles, no less. And he expects to find it just by vaguely hoping to, not because he has any pony-seeking plan at hand.

Do we really need another inarticulate dumbfuck with no concept of reality sitting in the Oval Office? I didn't think so.


george.w said...

Yeah, Reagan was a real tough guy. Three words; "Arms for hostages". If that isn't appeasement, what is?

Carter was the most demonstrably Christian president we ever had, and the religious right hates him with a cold passion. Hmmm...

As for McCain sitting the factions down in that alternate-reality Iraq he believes exists somewhere, and telling them; "Stop the bullshit", it's genius! Why didn't anyone think of that before? In fact, that technique could be used to solve all the world's problems; school bullying, global warming, lead in toys, everything.

george.w said...

Wait... I forgot to say that one thing would really ice the cake of Rove being led away in handcuffs, and that's having it happen while he's bloviating as a respected consultant on FOX news.

Dana Hunter said...

George, you just made me shout out with laughter! That would, indeed, be the best icing on the tastiest cake evah!

I agree with all of the above points. Amazing that what they'd call "appeasement" if done by a Democrat becomes a tough-guy stance when done by a Rethug. Stupid ideas magically transform into brilliance and Christians become more Christiany. What buffoons.

Republicons & theocons: will they ever start to make sense?