08 May, 2008

Your Opinion Please: Should We Have a Carnival?

Update: Postdated to stay up here a spell.

PZ just threw out a call for volunteers to host the Tangled Bank. Got me to thinking: along with that, why not throw a carnival of our very own?

I've a few ideas:

Carnival of the Media Clowns - wherein we bash the wretched state of the modern American media.

Carnival of the Elitist Bastards - wherein we enjoy the novel fact that we use our brains for thinking and we know stuff.

Political Sideshows - wherein we unleash our rapier wit and scathing satire upon those politicians who have proven themselves no better than circus freaks.

I know a majority of you are excellent writers - I read your blogs, and you blow me away. I know a good number of you enjoy bashing politicians - otherwise, you wouldn't be dropping by for Happy Hour Discurso. I know you're smarter'n all get out, because your comments here are always insightful. And being that all of the above are true, I know you're probably frustrated to death with the overwhelming stupidity of our nation's mainstream media.

So what say you? Up for the challenge? Ready to create our own three-ring circus? Any of the ideas above catch your fancy? If so, let me know, and we'll put together the greatest show on earth.

Or at least one that'll pass for it given enough alcohol. The Cantina is open!


george.w said...

Awesome idea. I like 'Carnival of the Elitists'

george.w said...

Heh. Going to be thinking about that one all day. Soooo tired of the 'Elitist' charge in politics. We've had enough of candidates trying to out-ignorant each other.

Matt said...

Yes, I like this idea.

Other suggestions:

"The Asshattery" or "Carnival of Political Asshattery"

"Profanity Faire"

Efrique said...

Of those, the elitist one has the most appeal; I could write something for that. The present "anti-expertism" is a particularly worrying trend.

I'm not certain that this topic has a lot of "repeatability" unless it's broadened a little, though.

Paul Sunstone said...

I love the idea of a carnival of the media clowns -- there's nothing like it that I can find on the web. And the time has come for it!

I also like the idea of a Carnival of the Elitist Bastards.

Great ideas, Dana!

Whatever you do, though, make a nice little button advertising the Carnival that I can stick in my sidebar. I loves them there buttons! A carnival just ain't a proper carnival without one of them there buttons!

Dana Hunter said...

Time to catch up!

So far, we have 4 for Carnival of the Elitist Bastards. If no other precincts report, sounds like we should start there and work our way up to Media Clowns and onward.

George: I completely second your motion. The competition for "most ignorant politician" is getting old incredibly fast!

Matt: Love love love "Profanity Faire." We're putting up a call for profane bloggers everywhere to unite! We might be able to roll "Carnival of Political Asshattery" in with it. ;-)

Efrique: we shall broaden the topic until we can repeat unto infinity. I think we can come up with enough permutations. It's an idea that could - heh - evolve.

Paul: shall do my best to create a button.

(Does anybody know how to create buttons??!?)

Wonderful ideas and input, all of you! We'll make this a total success!

Any more takers?

Unknown said...

Off topic - just wanted to say thanks for linking to Veritas Nihilum Vincet from your blogroll.
I feel validated and intend to drink tequila tonight instead of rum to celebrate. Haven't have a tequila sunrise since Dutchie Mason passed.
Vaya con monstruo de espagueti volante!

Dana Hunter said...

Welcomes, Ken! You made my day dropping by here.

Hope you can attend the Carnival!