23 May, 2008

It's Two-for-One-Day in the Rejecting Rabid Reverends Department

This amuses me to no end:

For months, John McCain has faced questions about his associations with radical religious televangelists like John Hagee and Rod Parsley. And for months, McCain refused to disassociate himself from the extremists, even going so far as to defend the hate-filled rhetoric. McCain said Hagee had been “taken out of context”) and repeatedly say he was “honored” and “glad” to have their support.

Yesterday, after the latest revelations that
Hagee believed Hitler was fulfilling God’s will, McCain gave up.

Senator John McCain on Thursday rejected the endorsements of two prominent evangelical ministers whose backing he had sought to shore up his credentials with religious conservatives.

Mr. McCain repudiated the Rev. John C. Hagee, a televangelist, after a watchdog group released a recording of a sermon in which Mr. Hagee said Hitler and the Holocaust had been part of God’s plan to chase the Jews from Europe and drive them to Palestine.

Later in the day, he also rejected the endorsement of the Rev. Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church of Columbus, Ohio, whose anti-Muslim sermons were broadcast on ABC’s "Good Morning America” on Thursday.

I wonder how this is going to look in frothing fundie circles? Can't look good to them that McCain dropped their pathological pastors like hot rocks just after ABC news started running segments like this:

I especially loved how ABC juxtaposed all of McCain's smarmy praise and inane defense of this shite with Pastor Parsley's ravings. Verily, 'twas a work of art.

Tristero said it best when he said:

But here's the best part:

Hagee also issued a statement saying he was tired of baseless attacks and he was removing himself from any active role in the 2008 campaign.

Good idea. Memo to all christianists:

Go thou and do likewise.

Amen, brother. A-fucking-men.


Unknown said...

What does Parsley stand for?

To me it is a green that is on the side of my dish.

I liked how they called him a "moral compass" but he sounds so angry and makes me agitated when I listen to him. If he can't even hold his temper, how the hell is he a "compass"? :)

I also thought it was funny that McCain thought Muslims should not be violent, but McCain is behind the war. Hahaha. I guess violence is OK for him, only, not for other people. Hahaha.

John Pieret said...

I wonder how this is going to look in frothing fundie circles?

It may not look good in ultra-conservative Jewish circles either (the only Jewish group likely to vote for him in any significant numbers). Some Jews have been grateful for the support people like Hagee give to Israel, even if Hagee and his ilk are doing it only in hopes that Israel or its enemies will start a nuclear war to kick off Armageddon and bring on the Final Judgment so all those unconverted Jews can be sent to Hell.

Dana Hunter said...

"Violence for me but not for thee." Yup. That sums up John McCain to a T. Leroy, you have got it exactly right. Especially including the parsley part. But it fits - he's the garnish that very few eat while most cast aside. ;-)

John, I hadn't thought of the ultra-conservative Jews, but you're right. I imagine they're wondering if they're the next group McCain's going to leave spinning in the wind once he's wrung the usefulness from them.

Serves 'em right for throwing their lot in with stupid buggers who want 'em all dead anyway. Maybe this shall clear the way for the saner variety of Israel lobby that's trying to gain purchase just now.