26 May, 2008

Dancing on Top of the World

You know that giddy kind of excitement when you can't sit still, your eyes start to tear up, you randomly squeal, and your face is twitching?

Yeah. That's me. Right now.

Lots o' reasons.

For one, this blog has attracted an amazing group of truly incredible people, and a whole passel of truly incredible people joined the incredible people already here over this weekend. That would have been enough to set my feet a-tappin'.

Then work was slow, and I actually got to catch up on some of my blog reading. Why can't I find a company willing to pay me to read your blogs? That's how I want to spend my days. I don't get enough time with you guys. The fact that I got time today has me ready to jig.

But wait! There's more.

Got an email from PZ. Seems I'm going to be among the hosts of the Tangled Bank. There's finally going to be real science in this cantina!!1!11!!

The neighbors are now wondering if we're having an earthquake. But there's more:

Next week, I have my best friend flying in from North Carolina. I haven't seen him in person since 2005.

Plaster falls from the ceiling. And there's still more:

I get to attend PZ's lecture at the Pacific Science Center for the Northwest Science Writer's Association.

Science writers! PZ! My best friend! WOOT!

The building begins to shake. Tibetans reach for some pegs. And that's not all:

PZ is also speaking to the Seattle Society for Sensible Explanations. PZ! Seattle skeptics! Alliteration! Fine dining! SUPER WOOT!

Dana has now left the building and is headed skyward, Tibetan efforts to nail her down be damned. And as if that's not enough:

Brian Switek's book-in-progress is going to have a whole chapter on horse evolution! He'll write up horse evolution in terms even I can understand, which means I'll understand enough horse evolution to be able to figure out how the fuck my Unicorns evolved. Triple WOOT!

The air. Grows thin. Limbs. Akimbo. And we're not done:

Blake Stacey saw Neil Gaiman speak, the elitist bastard. I haven't seen Neil Gaiman since 2001. I didn't get my application in for Clarion, and so missed the chance to maybe possibly attend a writing workshop with Neil fucking Gaiman omfg!, but Blake's writing up the lecture soon, and AND it'll be out on DVD. Not enough WOOTs in the damned world.

This is the top of the world. This is me dancing on it. Just in case you were wondering what the hell all that shaking was about.


John Pieret said...

Troy Britain has a pretty extensive article on horse evolution, if you're interested.

Dana Hunter said...

John, I love you to pieces! Thankees!