23 May, 2008

What Does It Mean...

...when you start dreaming about your blog? I had a very long and involved dream this morning that Blake Stacey from Science After Sunclipse came for a visit, and I was ignoring the poor man because I had to comb the internets for appropriate tidbits for you lot. As I remember, he sat nearby making very distracting snarky comments. And ordered me pizza. Thanks for that.

For those who are wondering, his intellect is indeed as formidable in the dreamosphere as it is in the blogosphere.

Do you bloggers ever dream blog-related dreams?


george.w said...

I dream about my friends all the time, including some I've only met online. Once Les from SEB was waiting in line with me for some reason, it wasn't clear what for.

Dana Hunter said...

Don't you love dreams? I can't tell you how many times I've woken up going, "Well, that was fucking pointless."

Which is why I laugh when I see those shelves full of dream interpretation books at Barnes & Noble.