10 May, 2008

Carnival Business

The first ever Carnival of the Elitist Bastards is starting to take shape. We've got a group of excellent bloggers rarin' to go. It's exciting times! Now we just need to figure out how we're going to get on with this show.

I hereby nominate any of you who are interested in getting involved to the Elitist Bastard Carnival Committee.

We have several items on the agenda:

1. Firstly, we need to define what this Carnival of the Elitist Bastards is all about. Let's have some ideas. If you were going to advertise this thing, how would you pitch it? Any themes for the first edition come to mind? That sort o' thing.

2. Speaking of advertising, George at Decrepit Old Fool is way ahead of the game. If you don't mind making room on your blog, get the word out: Elitist Bastards needed! The more people who participate, the more successful this thing is going to be.

3. We need a logo. One of you clever Elitist Bastards has got to know enough HTML coding to create us something nice and sharp we can embed. Matt had some good ideas on that front. Any and all of you can whip something together, and we'll work with the results until we've settled on just the thing.

4. Whosoever wants to be a part of shaping this thing can contact me at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com. We can also use this comment thread as a committee meeting place.

5. We need more Elitist Bastards, so if you know of any bloggers or should-be bloggers who might be persuaded to contribute, apply persuasion, gentle or otherwise.

6. For those like myself who haven't the slightest idea what they're doing, there's a beaut of a tutorial at 10,000 Birds. I'm also considering using Blog Carnival to make this easier on us all. It provides an easy way to host, submit, and so forth. I'm so open to opinions on this you could call me the Grand Canyon, so if you get a chance to meander by there and have a gander, let me know what you think.

We're at the start of something amazing here, a Carnival the likes of which the blogging world has never seen. It's going to need all of us - hosts, founders and committee members, and contributors - to make it happen.

We're Elitist Bastards. We can do this thing.


Paul Sunstone said...

Blog Carnival is a good idea. It will not only make it easy to submit an article to the carnival, but it will also advertise the carnival a little bit.

I suggest we hold the thing every 2 or 3 weeks. Preferably 3, IMHO.

Put me on the list of people willing to host it.

I intend to pitch the carnival in a post tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Blake Stacey said...

I'm in. Like Paul, I think this should be an every-three-weeks carnival, because it takes time to build up a set of quality posts which really qualify as elitist. Hack-work is easy.

Happily enough, I have a post in my drafts pile nearing completion which will be appropriate for the first edition.

Dana Hunter said...

Blake, I'm thrilled to have you! Muy bueno!

NP said...

Count me in! Haven't taken the quiz yet, but I'll let you know where I fall on that front.

I feel some elitist bastard posts in the realm of Literature/Language education percolating in my background already!