16 May, 2008

Carnival Business #2

Postdated to remain accessible to all.

My darlings, our Carnival of the Elitist Bastards is surging ahead to its first edition. We have incredible people signed on (with room for more - it's not too late!). We have a will. We have a mission. And we now have an official email:


Yes, I know, I'm inviting spam, but let's not let a little spam keep us from making things easy on all concerned, aside from the host who has to wade through said spam.

You can send your submissions, questions, concerns, suggestions, and any artwork you care to share to the email above.

The vote has overwhelmingly gone for individual expression. Choose a photo of your favorite Elitist Bastard and create your own badge. Eventually, once I know what the fuck I'm doing, I'll have the information you'll need to hyperlink your very own badge direct to the Carnival.

For those of you who would like some badges pre-made, Paul is working his very arse off on it, and shall soon have a fine selection for you. I'll post them here once they're ready.

This weekend, I shall be creating a page dedicated to the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards, wherein can be found information on upcoming hosts, editions, submissions deadlines, and all that rot. Look for that to be going live very soon indeed.

You may have noticed I decided not to use Blog Carnival to organize all of this. It's because their terms of service limit us to a G-Rating as far as anything posted on their site. That includes niggling little details like carnival names. Fuck your G-Rating. We're Elitist Bastards, and we can have any rating we like.

Thus, the gmail account and soon-to-be-webpage.

For those of you who have never participated in a carnival before, welcome to my world. But it's actually very easy:

1. Write a blog post that fits with the general theme of Elitist Bastardry.

2. Publish it.

3. Send the link to elitistbastardscarnival@gmail.com.

4. Sit back and wait for Dana to get this Carnival off the ground, with a gargantuan amount of help from her friends and future hosts.

5. Speaking of future hosts... ;-)

Simplicity itself.

I'll reply to all who submit, so if you don't receive a reply from me within 3 days of sending in your submission, shout out. It means either Google ate your submission or Dana's passed out under a mound of the things with a bottle of premium tequila in one hand and a ringmaster's baton in the other. Either way, we'll remedy the situation.

As for how often we should hold this Carnival, most responders have been plumping for every 3 weeks. I'm going to add a week to that because I'll bloody well need it. So will you. After all, after this, we're going to have the Carnival of the Media Clowns, and the Carnival of Political Asshattery, and Profanity Faire...

I think you can see now why I decided we're not going to list ourselves at a site that requires G-Rated names.

I have no submission deadline for ye yet, as I'm not sure how long it will be before I have the incidental extras taken care of. But I don't see us launching any later than the first week in June.

More updates to follow. And remember, it's not too late to have a hand in shaping this thing: if you come up with a brilliant idea for anything relating to the carnival, send it on. Do not hesitate to make your opinion heard. Remember: you are an Elitist Bastard!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Looking forward to it ~ when do you want the submissions by?

Errr.... by when do you want the submissions :-) ?

Matt said...

Dana, just change the email ref to "elitistbastardscarnival*at*gmail.com" or some such quick before the spambots find it.

All very exciting and thanks again to you and all for the quick organizational feat. Please place me on the list of future carnival hosts as you see fit.

Paul Sunstone said...

Dana, you sweet elitist bastard, I just put up two badges on my blog. One of Stevenson, one of Hitchens. I can modify them somewhat too. So if they ain't perfect for someone tastes now, they should just let me know what they want done to them.

Unknown said...

Exciting! Now I just have to write something worthy of Elitist Bastardy. A daunting task, indeed.

Dana Hunter said...

Etha, you're more than up for the task! Everest is daunting. Calling the Department of Motor Vehicles to fix a mistake is daunting. For the likes of us, Elitist Bastardry comes nat'rul. ;-)

What's not coming natural is which Elitist Bastard to choose for my badge. You, my dear fellow female, could help me on this front: any truly incredible elitist women you can think of?

Unknown said...

Female elitist bastards...perhaps Simone de Beauvoir?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana. I sent you two links, one from a post last month and one from a post today.

Cobalt said...

Ooh! *goes to make badges*