20 October, 2008

Can America's Voting Procedures Possibly Be Any More Fucked Up?

Voting a straight ticket is anything but straight in this country.

In North Carolina, if you're voting a straight-party ticket, you must vote separately for the president. If you don't, you risk your vote for president not being counted.

In Texas, Alabama and South Carolina, voting a straight-party ticket includes the president. Email rumors, of course, say otherwise.

Confused yet?

Be very careful this election season, my darlings. Don't believe everything you read in emails, READ YOUR BALLOT'S INSTRUCTIONS, and try to read up on your state's laws before you cast your vote.

I don't know why the Republicons are so gung-ho about suppressing votes when the bloody state-by-state variation in rules does the job all by itself...


Anonymous said...

Going to vote today. Florida has early voting from today until the 31st. I already voted in the primary so in my district the polling machines have been dumped and we have paper ballots again that are scanned after completion.

Efrique said...

You'd think a proud democracy would have a slightly less FITH system.

One where it worked the same in every state, and where the decisions about who was legitimately entitled to vote was kept out of the hands of party hacks...