21 October, 2008

Shall Be Updating the Blog Roll this Weekend

I realized yesterday that I haven't updated the damned blog roll in months.

Since then, Science After Sunclipse moved to ScienceBlogs, I've become a Daily Kos addict, there are round about a dozen blogs that I've meant to put up there and haven't, we have no link to the World's Best Evah Roast Chicken recipe... in other words, it's high damned time for an update.

Which is where you come in, my darlings.

A lot of you have wonderful blogs of your own. I stumble across them on Sitemeter, or by clicking through your profiles when you comment, and it's past time you got your names on the cantina wall.

Links in Comments, please.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heh. Thanks for the link. More hits than I've ever had, even counting that one time when the Pharynguloids aimed their browsers at me.
-- scaryreasoner