24 October, 2008

Lies, Bigotry - and Extortion

The religious right has gotten so drunk on their own supposed power that they feel comfortable resorting to blatant blackmail to get their way:

Apparently all's fair when you're trying to deny folks their rights.

The letter from Yes on 8 came by certified mail, demanding at least $10,000. Jim Abbot knows exactly why he's being targeted - his business gave $10,000 to a group called Equality California, which supports No on Prop 9..

..The letter says if Jim doesn't give an equal donation to Yes on 8, the name of his company will be published. It reads in part, "It is only fair for Proposition 8 supporters to know which companies and organizations oppose traditional marriage.

It's fucking official.

The anti-gay frothers trying to force an anti-gay marriage amendment onto California's constitution proudly own this thing. The .pdf of the extortion letter they sent is here. It's on their letterhead, with their signatures. Some key paragraphs from the letter sent to Abbot & Associates:

We respectfully request that Abbot & Associates withdraw its support of Equity California. Make a donation of a like amount to ProtectMarriage.com which will help us correct this error and restore Traditional Marriage. A donation form is enclosed. We will be most grateful and will advertise on our website Abbot & Associates' generous contribution.

Were you to elect not to donate comparably, it would be a clear indication that you are in opposition to traditional marriage. You would leave us no other reasonable assumption. The names of any companies and organizations that choose not to donate in like manner to ProtectMarriage.com but have given to Equality California will be published. It is only fair for Proposition 8 supporters to know which companies and organizations support traditional marriage.

We will contact you shortly to discuss your contribution sincerely hoping to receive your positive response.

That's not only extortion. It's language the Mafia would be proud of.

Who are the wanna-be Mafiosi?

Ron Prentice
Yes on Prop 8,
Campaign Chairman

Edward Dolejsi
Executive Director, California Catholic Conference

Mark A. Jansson
Executive Committee Member

Andrew Pugno
General Counsel
Only their leading lights. They're not even using proxies.

Usually, when right-wing groups are caught in something so egregiously evil it could harm their cause, they try to back away. Not these fuckers. They're proud of themselves:

But when asked about the letter to Equality California donors, Prentice confirmed they were authentic and said the ProtectMarriage.com campaign was asking businesses backing the other side "to reconsider taking a position on a moral issue in California."


"I think the IDing of, or outing of, any company is very secondary to the question of why especially a public corporation would choose to take a side knowing it would splinter it's own clientele," he said.

This says something utterly incredible about these ratfuckers. Not only do they think extortion is acceptable, they believe that so many people agree with their rabid fear of gay marriage that threatening to "out" a company that doesn't agree with them will produce compliance with their agenda. As if companies haven't gone round trumpeting their fair and equal treatment of gays. As if companies don't take enormous pride in their diversity. These fucking morons are so locked in their rigid anti-gay worldview that they don't realize they're trying to rob these companies with a toy gun.

Let's send them a message that blackmail won't be tolerated. Let's stand for equal rights for same-sex couples. If you've got a few spare bucks, try to get yourself on Prentice's list of people to out. Donate here.


Reuven said...

TO counteract this, Tactical Syntax has some great banner ads. It's a shame our crazy opposition has to lie.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the Disney boycott by the religious right that fizzled out to nothing when Eisner told them to go away.

Anonymous said...


You might ask your readers to check out the ProtectMarriage list of endorsers(http://www.protectmarriage.com/endorsements). It might be fun if we checked in with some of these people by email to see if they are aware of how the organization they support is using extortion and what they think of it. Actually, I am in the process of doing this right now, and I am including the link to the extortion letter from your site. I doubt if any of the ProtectMarriage goons give a flip about black mail, but one never knows.

Nicole said...

I love their logic. If you support gay marriage you oppose traditional marriage? It couldn't possibly be that you're in favor of equal rights. Oh, no.