26 October, 2008

Yet Another Reason to Vote for Obama

Aside from his policy, leadership qualities, intelligence, caring, and other excellent things too numerous to list, he actually used Batman to hammer McCain in a political speech:

"It’s like Robin getting mad at Batman," he says of McCain's recent efforts to distance himself from Bush.

McCain as Bush's sidekick. Masterful. I adore this man.

On the relative enthusiasm front, Obama and McCain were both campaigning in Albuquerque today, which gives us an unprecedented chance to compare respective crowd sizes. Obama outdrew McCain (if I have my ratios right) 45:1.

That's right.

45,000 people showed up to see Obama. 1,000 came out for McCain.

No. Fucking. Comparison.

(Disclaimer: to all of you comic book geeks who might be inclined to dig deep within the Batman mythology and find instances where Robin showed independence from Batman, got mad at him, etc., stop. Just stop. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that the majority of the American public only sees Robin as Batman's bitch. That's what Obama meant. All right? Jeez.)

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