28 October, 2008

A Thing of Beauty

Talking Points Memo's Poll Tracker, as of yesterday:

That map is turning decidedly blue, my darlings. Compare that to the 2004 presidential election, and you realize how very far we've come:

It's been a long time coming.

We may indeed be looking at a landslide here. I've got a map for the more geologically inclined, courtesy of glutz78 at Daily Kos:

A thing of beauty, that is.

Thank you, Sen. Obama.


george.w said...

I've been imagining a Chris Rock routine where he says; "Look how bad things have to get before we elect a black man. The nation drives off a cliff, and it's falling to the rocks below, and we pull the steering wheel off the column and hand it to Barack Obama and say; 'Here! You drive!'"

True, I don't get enough sleep. Never know what will dribble out of the brain...

Efrique said...

Maps with state area rejigged to be proportional to EVs give a somewhat clearer picture (both of 2004 and 2008).

2004: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/election/
(see second map - and note how the map gives a better picture of how close the race was)

2008: http://www.electoral-vote.com/evp2008/Pres/Carto/Oct28-c.html

There's a lot of blue there, and the red... well not so much.

I have the two maps sitting together on my screen at the moment and the change is dramatic.