05 September, 2008

But What If The Enquirer's Right?

McCain campaign chief Steve Schmidt in full whine:

And late Wednesday afternoon, Schmidt made a second statement threatening legal action against the National Enquirer for its report that Palin had an extramarital affair. "The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Governor Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie."

You know, Steve, I would've agreed with you... before this happened:

The National Enquirer yesterday published a story claiming it had caught John Edwards meeting with an alleged mistress and illegitimate child. Then again, the Enquirer hasn't been able to produce quotes, photos or even eyewitness accounts. And the mainstream media seems to be ignoring it, for the most part.
And they turned out to be right:

John Edwards admitted to ABC News in an interview with Bob Woodruff Friday (WATCH THE INTERVIEW) that he repeatedly lied about an extramarital affair with a 42-year old campaign employee, but strenuously denied being involved in paying the woman hush money or fathering her newborn child.
Let's just face it: the Enquirer sucks leper donkey dick as far as breaking real news, and maybe they just lucked into the truth for once, but you know, when it comes to panty-sniffing sleaze, you can't dismiss 'em out of hand anymore.

But regardless, thanks for bringing it up, Steve. In the deluge of other scandal, I'd missed that one. And hey, "enquiring minds want to know!"

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