27 September, 2008

McCain: Low-Ranking Monkey

I don't mean to flood you today, but this was just too awesome to pass up. A TPM reader analyzes McCain's refusal to look at Obama during the debate, and comes to a fascinating conclusion:

And here's another note from TPM Reader TB. I guess I'm really not sure quite how to characterize it ...

I think people really are missing the point about McCain's failure to look at Obama. McCain was afraid of Obama. It was really clear--look at how much McCain blinked in the first half hour. I study monkey behavior--low ranking monkeys don't look at high ranking monkeys. In a physical, instinctive sense, Obama owned McCain tonight and I think the instant polling reflects that.

So McCain may have given away his status as a low-ranking monkey. I'd never even considered monkey rank.

Niiice. I'm going to have such fun with this one. Damn, I love behavioral science!

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Anonymous said...

WTF is with the Republicans and blinking? The only public speaker Ive seen to blink more than McCain did last night is Shrub. Is this the side effect of some sort of Rovian Mind Control Brain Implant?

Anyway, incase you care, my thoughts on the debate: A draw. McCain didnt blow up or look like he was about to die. Obama didnt hem too much. Obama had a few opportunities to knock it out of the park and he didnt. A couple of times he didnt even swing. Early on, he looked too anxious, he kept interrupting and jumping in too quick. Let McCain hang himself, then jerk the rope. He was calmer later on. Overall, I agree with the MSM pundits that a draw works better for Obama, but frankly I expected better from the past editor of the Harvard Law Review.

PS, re Paul Begala, I saw that and exclaimed at the time, "Ive been waiting 7 1/2 years to hear someone admit that!"