29 September, 2008

There's Divorced from Reality and Then There's...

...murdering it, cutting it into pieces, stuffing the remains into suitcases, and dumping them in remote areas while telling concerned inquirers that "Reality and I just felt like we needed a little break from each other. I think she went to Barbados. Don't worry - I'm sure she'll be back soon!"

The co-founder of the Federalist Society answers the question of whether distrust in the Bush administration was leading to skepticism about the treasury bailout plan:

This Administration deserves to be trusted because it has kept us safe from terrorist attack since 9/11, has fought and won two wars, has presided over eight years of economic growth, has appointed two stellar justices to the Supreme Court, and has even learned how to do Louisiana's job of protecting that state from hurricanes. The day will come, and not before long, when Americans will wish that George Bush was still president.
There's not a single statement in there that even remotely corresponds to reality. There's not even a single plausible statement in there. It's a new neocon record for most sweeping denial of reality evah!

Do I even have to debunk this? I mean, it'd be sort of like debunking the ravings of a schizophrenic homeless guy: it could be done, but why do the work when the rest of us know it's just the insanity talking?


RBH said...

[growl] I tried and failed to send a trackback from Panda's Thumb.

Cujo359 said...

Yes, you have to debunk each ludicrous claim every time. Otherwise, you never debunked them, because no one who's stupid enough to believe them in the first place would bother to check to see if you'd mentioned them before.

CW said...

The day will come, and not before long, when Americans will wish that George Bush was still president.

Aye, that one may well be accurate. And that day would come very soon after the inauguration of President Palin.

Gvlgeologist said...

It's such a ludicrous statement that when I first read it, I thought he was being sarcastic.

At least, in the original discussion, virtually all other respondents in the Arena's original post said that we couldn't trust this administration, regardless of whether they were demos or repubs.

The Sanity Inspector said...

The statement is wrong because Bush's vigor in fighting terrorism has nothing to do with keeping up out of a recession. However it is not wrong in all its particulars: In the seven years since 9/11, I haven't been killed by jihadists--not even once! And that hasn't happened by accident or by the holy warriors' good will. If you think the global war with The Jihad is just a Bush-Rove delusion, all I can say is, I wish you were right.