06 September, 2008

Pressing Issues

Our own amazing John Pieret has an intriguing idea:
It may be high time for the good captains of the good ship Elitist Bastard to institute press gangs to help man the yardarms.
Considering who he wants to press-gang, I think he's on to something... Go. Read. Return.
What say you all? Who would you like to see shanghai'd?


Cujo359 said...

I recommended that you look at this article by Patrick Lang and ask if you could use it for the last COTEB. Seems like it would be a good idea to invite folks directly if you think they've written something that fits the theme.

It might get kinda boring after a while if we're always reading what the same folks write.

The article John Pieret spotted fits the bill, I think.

Efrique said...

I'm still to spend time trying to track down ones I have run into in recent weeks, but here's one I just hot by chance:

Efrique said...

er, "hit by chance" :(

Efrique said...