25 September, 2008

Time to Apply the Whip

Our Fearless Fuckwit-in-Chief got on the teevee last night in a blatant attempt to fearmonger the nation into opening their wallets to Prince Paulson. Sarah "Golden Retriever" Palin told Katie Couric that we could be facing the next Great Depression. And Johnny "Don't Wanna Debate!" McCain is rushing back to Washington (after dissing Dave Letterman and flirting with Couric instead) to Save the Day.

This, as far as I'm concerned, settles it. Wall Street's in sorry shape, but we're nowhere near a total collapse. When the Republicons scream that the sky is falling, what they mean is that a roof tile came loose, and you must give them $700 billion or else your whole house is coming down. Never mind the fact that all you actually need is a roofing nail, a hammer, and a ladder.

But there are disturbing indications that knees in Congress may be weakening. So it's time for Yet Another Email reminding them that nobody's buying this Chicken Little crap except those who stand to profit politically or financially from it.

This one's arranged by Avaaz.org, and it goes out to Representatives Pelosi, Boehner, Hoyer, Frank and Bachus, and Senators Reid, McConnell, Dodd and Shelby. Give it to 'em with both barrels, my darlings. Let them know you see through the smokescreen.

If they really want to hand Wall Street $700 billion of our dollars, they'd fucking well better make sure there's something in it for us, or that deal is going to utterly destroy them.

Enough fuckery. Fuck the fear mongering. We're done here.

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