06 September, 2008

Run Away!!!

Oh, those strapping, brave Republicons! Always eager to pitch in and fight like furies until their guy's elected - or not:

NM-Sen: This one, on the other hand, is in fact done, at least per the NRSC.

The embattled Red Army is pulling out.

According to published reports by the Politico and Associated Press, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has canceled its entire $2.3 million television buy for the New Mexico Senate race, essentially abandoning its nominee Steve Pearce and conceding the state. New Mexico joins Virginia in the category of states the NRSC has conceded by declining to run any television ads in support of the Republican nominee.

According to the AP, the NRSC canceled its New Mexico ads a little more than a week after the committee announced it "would have to scale back advertising in battleground states because Republican senators haven't contributed enough money to compete with Democrats." Politico writes that the "committee has reserved time in every other competitive state, but financial constraints may force further cutbacks in ad buys."

"Tom Udall is running an outstanding campaign in New Mexico, and we expect him to be the next United States Senator from the state," DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. "Three months ago the NRSC said they wouldn’t waste money on races they couldn’t win, and by pulling out of New Mexico, they are backing up their words with action."

Glorious. They DO know how to retreat from a fight they can't win!

Puts me in mind of a song...


PTET said...

What, you mean that the RNC don't have a gazillion dollars to spare what with all the new money they've raised now Sarah Palin's on the ticket!?

O noes! What can this mean? :)

Cujo359 said...

My congressman, who is not a terribly good one, has essentially no opposition from the Republicans. There's a guy running for the office for the GOP, but I haven't heard of him. I never see any yard signs for him. What makes this interesting, in addition to the fact that someone ought to replace my congressman, is that mine is a swing district. We've elected both a Republican and two Democrats since this district was formed. Yet I doubt the margin of victory will be less than 20 percent.