13 September, 2008

Cat-hater, Too? That Clinches It

Sarah Palin fears cats:
When asked to reveal something about Palin that no one knows, one woman offered, "She doesn't care for cats very much," and another chimed in, "Oh, yes, she's afraid of my cat."
As if the ten tons of lying, corrupt fuckery wasn't enough, she's afraid of a fucking housecat.

She's afraid of this:

She doesn't care for this:

'Nuff said.

(Tip o' the catnip to Paul Krugman, by way of Kevin Drum)


george.w said...

Next we'll find out that she owns a coal mine that employs only children. No, she's a cat hater; that's bad enough.

Maybe that's what the right wing hated about Clinton; he had a cat.

Hank said...

I thought witches were supposed to like cats...

I have a feeling that cats and Native Alaskans are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes her list things she hates. She ought to be hating her stylist. Don't have one? Thought so!!