19 September, 2008

Friday Favorite Funny Films

Seeing as how I'm trying to hold on to my sense of humor whilst coughing and sneezing, let's talk about comedy films.

I myself am a sucker for British comedy, first of all. High school is a blur of Monty Python quotes: my friend Ray had the Black Knight scene from The Holy Grail memorized. He'd launch into it on the slightest provocation:

Passers-by often didn't understand.

We lived in a sheltered town, one that didn't have a great amount of experience with teenagers driving by screaming "OH WOT A LOVERLY LITTLE!" at women pushing strollers - until us. And they had no idea how to deal with a bunch of people reenacting the Black Death scene at every opportunity:

Imagine how much more terrorized the town would've been if we'd known of Blackadder back then. I mean, we studied MacBeth in British and Western Literature - the comedic potential is incalculable:

Part of the reason why I love British humor is that, silly as it is, it's still smart. Alanis Morisette would've done well to watch this clip before trying to write a song about irony:

Now, at this point, you may be saying, "But, Dana - you said films, and now you're handing us television. What gives?"

Oh, ye of little faith. There was a film: Blackadder's Christmas Carol:

It's got one of the best endings of any film ever, but only if you've seen enough of the show to get the full force of the in-joke. Trust me. Go. Rent. Enjoy.

Your turn, my darlings.


PTET said...

Python & Blackadder - very good. I have my little niece bellowing "You shall not pass" at everyone :)

You Americanians do comedy gold too, tho...

The Big Lebowski. The Dude really does abide.

Spinal Tap. Up to 11.

Superbad. We all need a bit of McLovin' in our lives...

Freethinker said...

I would love to see Rowan Atkinson play Mr. Toad. I think he'd make a great Mr. Toad.