29 September, 2008

Now Taking Requests

Let's open the floor to you all, my darlings. This cantina, after all, is for you.

Do you have a field of science or a particularly juicy bit o' science news you want to see highlighted in Sunday Sensational Science? Lay it on me.

Ideas for Friday Favorites? Let's have 'em.

Anything else on your mind? I'm all ears.

The floor is yours.


NP said...

How about Friday Favorite Funnies, where you share funny stories about yourself, or others can share funny stories and put them in comments?

Kaden said...

I'd be a little worried that a story about or dealing with me might end up in these Funnies :P but that is one idea.

On my end, I just started college today and maybe I can try to resurrect my Academia series? Not sure what topics would be best to cover; as a freshman just starting, I hardly have the experience and insight on hand that I did with my high-school series.

Hank said...

Khofu wants more cat photos!

I, on the other hand, think that the gulf stream would make an excellent science topic.

You should post some sexy photos too! LOL!!

MalwareBeGone said...

Go green. Solar, wind, wave. Or even compact fluorescents and tiny cars. Anything that makes conservative, family values oilmen cringe.