08 September, 2008

From the Dept. of "Why the Fuck Didn't I Think of That?!"

I'm sure by now you've all heard the story of Rep. Lynn "I Think the Ten Commandments are the Most Importantest Laws Evah but I Only Know Three of Them" Westmoreland and his Macaca Moment.

(For those of you who've been getting all of your political fuckery news from this site: go catch up at the above link. You won't be able to savor what follows without the whole story.)

Pretty unbelievably racist, with an outrageously stupid defense to boot, eh? You may have been outraged. You may have been offended. You probably didn't think it could lead to some enormous entertainment in the hands of the right citizen. Hilzoy has the story:

From Bookman's comments section:

"This morning I called Westmoreland's office:

Them: Good morning, Congressman Westmoreland's office.

Me: Good morning, I would like to make a public comment.

Them: Yes, sir, what is your comment?

Me: I would like to compliment Congressman Westmoreland on his comments yesterday about Barack Obama. We need more people like him to call a spade a spade. You crackers in Georgia must be very proud.

Them: [long pause] Sir, there's no need to be insulting.

Me: I'm sorry, but how did I insult you?

Them: There is no need to call me a cracker.

Me: I've never heard that term used in a derogatory sense. It is important to note that the dictionary definition of "cracker" is "a thin, crisp biscuit." That's what we meant by cracker when we used it in the city where I grew up.

Them: Well, that's not how you meant it.

Me: Oh, so what you're saying is that you don't like being called names. Now you know how it feels.

Them: [another long pause] Sir, I have to take another call."

Heh. Indeed.

Damn, I love democracy!

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Cujo359 said...

I'll betcha we can find an atheist among your readers who can name all ten commandments without looking. I tried to do it over at Taylor Marsh's place when Westmoreland couldn't name more than three. The only one I couldn't remember was taking their god's name in vain. Big surprise - I break that one all the time.