03 September, 2009

Before You Ask Why Washington State Hates Christmas....

...ask why God hates Pat Robertson:
Pat Robertson, who claims to have a direct line to God as He heals people on a daily basis, needed an actual human doctor to fix a heart problem...


Sadly, doing so means you get to continue to ignore their entirely human actions and give all the credit to the God you claim so absurdly to speak to every day - despite the fact that this God that tells you every day how he's miraculously healing other people couldn't find the time to heal you.

Then you can ask why Washington State hates Christmas:

I'm sure you remember last year when the state of Washington got itself in all kinds of trouble with holiday displays inside the state capitol building. They couldn't allow only Christian displays because of a consent decree in a court case, so they established an open public forum and allowed all groups to put up their own displays. But when the religious right caught wind of people other than them having an equal right to put up their own displays, they went apeshit.

So this year, the state has a new idea: No displays at all.
Here endeth the lesson. Not that any fundies will learn it.


Paco said...

Well smacked.

In other hypocrisies, I'm sure you can go somewhere with this:


AskWhy! Blogger said...

You're right, there is no chance a fundy will learn anything. Are they actually human? They claim to be Christian yet ignore everything that Christ taught about practical living. This Christ is the man they consider to be God, so whatever he says is literally God's word. But they can't understand that! They think "love your enemies" means "find the most effective way to kill them". Anyway, nicely made points, Dana