02 September, 2009


Apologies if I've just given you all the shock of your young lives, but yes, I've messed about with colors. Let me know if anything's impossible to read.

Further changes are in store for the cantina - if you participate. It's past time to get all you all up on the blog roll. If you've got a blog, and you want to be featured on the cantina wall as a proud patron, leave me your URL in the comments. No blog? No problemo! You can also recommend your favorite blogs.

But wait! There's more changes! Two things are going to be shaking up the life o' Dana and causing things to change round the cantina. Summer's ending, which means no more playing and a huge push to focus on my fiction. At the end of September also comes a major change in my work schedule. Ask me how I feel about that.

Pretty much.

Posting on ETEV will, of course, continue, but reduced in quantity. I say that now....

Never fear. The Smack-o-Matic shall not be retired. Not while there's still so much bloody stupid in the world.

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Cujo359 said...

It's slightly more readable, I think. If you want to make blockquotes a different color, I can help you with that.

Oh, and here's a blog you might consider.