13 October, 2010

Adventurous Outtakes

I shall not bore you with the sordid details of my life, but just say: it's chaos here.  So no geology just yet.  I'll have something up by Saturday, after carving out some research time.

In the meantime, let us have some outtakes from Monday's outing.  My intrepid companion and I had plans.  Oh, yes.  I'd pick him up, and we'd have some lunch, and then watch a fuck of a lot of Castle.  But the weather didn't cooperate.  No, instead of peeing down rain, or being cloudy and cold, it decided to be all sunny and sweet.  We ended up attempting a visit to Dash Point State Park.

It was closed.

So we drove up the shoreline, and ended up at Discovery Park instead.  Been meaning to get there since getting the new camera, after all, and when you want a spot o' hiking and a bit o' beach with perhaps a lighthouse and a view of the Olympics, there's no better place to go:

West Point Lighthouse and the Olympic Mountains, Discovery Park
Okay, yes, I know, there are clouds, and I said it was sunny.  It was sunny.  I mean, there were whole patches of sky that looked suspiciously blue, and there were frequent glimpses of the evil yellow hurty thing, and some of my pictures show actual sunlight.  Evidence below the fold.

Just check out this shot of the Sound if you doubt:

Big Blue

In fact, there was enough sunshine to shine through a shell:

Shining Through
So, yes, there were clouds piling up over the Olympics:

Olympics Demonstrating Physics of Wet Air Masses and Mountains
But overall, we had remarkably few clouds to contend with, considering it's Seattle in October.  Mount Rainier even managed an appearance:

Mount Rainier
 The lighthouse has always been a highlight - it fills the point and provides something interesting and historical to look at.  They're in the midst of a restoral project, the exterior's had all the lead paint stripped from it, and it's shining very prettily now:

The interior should be finished by January or so, and then we'll be able to go in and esplore.  For now, we have to content ourselves with leaning over the fence and shooting photos through the window:

Sneak Peek of the Lighthouse Interior

But who needs the interior of a lighthouse when you've got riprap?  Quite a few interesting rocks piled up around the point, mostly the usual piles of basaltic andesite and other local volcanics, but every once in a while, you'll run into a very nice boulder of gneiss:

Nice Gneiss
The obligatory closeup of the gneissy goodness:

Some people hoard animals.  If I wasn't living in an apartment, I'd probably be hoarding rocks like this. 

Eventually turned my attention away from the pretty rocks and noticed the sun silhouetting the lighthouse a bit:

Backlit Lighthouse
And out in the bay, a fishing trawler came home for the night, complete with an entourage of hungry seagulls:

Fishing Trawler aka Buffet
Still haven't figured out what this barge was all about, but the late sunlight hitting it looks awfully pretty:

Industry Inaction
Arachnophobes should look away now, because I'm about to show an absolutely brilliant orb spider just hangin' out in his beachfront web:

Beach Bum
You may wonder why I seem to have this obsession with spiders.  The reasons are thus: They sit still, and their webs look awesome.  This makes them a pleasure to photograph.  They seem good with it - I've not yet had one get upset.

Unfortunately, we couldn't linger.  The sun sank:

Sinking Sun
And we got one more good one of the lighthouse:

Sundown and Lighthouse
And then it was time to haul our asses up the bluff so we'd not be caught in the woods after dark.

That's it.  Very probably the last adventure of the summer season.  But I've got more than enough photos left from the summer's outings to hold us through the dark, cold gloom.  In the cantina, summer never really ends.  We'll just crank up the heat and use our imaginations.


Suzanne said...

wow.. these are the out-takes? dayam, i can't wait to see what the in-takes are....

thanks dana :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I'm really gonna have to make it up there soon and see those places for myself.

I think you made the right call in saying it was sunny. We all know that in the PNW the sun only needs to shine for a few hours to be considered a "sunny" day :)

Silver Fox said...

I can't decide which photo I like best, but the backlit lighthouse is right up there, along with gneiss, conch, spider.