01 October, 2010

Commending These to Your Attention

I have to go to bed early so that I'm nice and fresh for fending off used car salesmen in the morning.  I haven't yet decided how I'm going to approach this situation.  I got my hand in by test-driving a car I'm lukewarm about, and managed to escape without being invited back to the office to discuss a deal.  But we're in the big leagues, now, going to two different large dealerships and seeing two cars I adore already.  One is the snappiest Nissan Sentra I've ever seen in my life, complete with spoiler (and black!), the other a nearly-new Honda Civic that looks utterly delish.  Both are manual transmission.  Both are low mileage.  Both have clean Carfax reports.  And both seem like they would make me a happy woman indeed.  So I have two issues, here: 1) must talk salesman into lowering prices and 2) must choose between them.  What if the price is right for both?  What if I fall head-over-heels for both? 

Sean and I pondered this during the slow bits of work, and decided the only mechanism for choice would be to throw the used car salesmen in a mud wrestling pit.  Victor gets the sale.

(Gentlemen, if you're reading this, I just want to assure you it very probably won't come to that.  But you might want to have swim trunks to hand just in case.)

Anyway, whist I'm off on those adventures, here are a few links to keep you occupied.

Bing at Happy Jihad's has treated an Answers In Genesis "research paper" with due respect, i.e., none.  I plucked two quotes from it, one because it's beautiful, the other because I couldn't resist going there.

Quote #1:
The overwhelming consensus of the astronomical community is that you are not a part of it, Jason. 
Brilliant.  Simply brilliant.

Quote #2:
The Bing Bang sits on your head and farts, feeb.

So, ah, I guess that would be Bing Bang Boom, then.  Ah ha ha.


Our own John Pieret (may he get well soon!) points out that John Wilkins has an important project going.  Scientists!  Here's your chance to shape a book explaining the basics of scientific method(s) to laypeople such as myself:

So scientists should follow the series and assist in formulating the manual and nonscientists can help in making it intelligible to people like them. Everyone can, I'm sure, learn something along the way and have fun in the effort.

Set to!

Finally, a pair o' quotes and a post from Steve Benen.

Quote #1:
Republicans will keep asking, "Where are the jobs?" and no one seems inclined to answer, "Your party got rid of them."
Quote #2:
And maybe it's just me, but when I hear about a "Goldilocks" planet that appears capable of supporting life, I don't think, "Cool, maybe there are aliens there." I think "Cool, maybe we can move there after we've finished screwing up here."

And the post:  "Lying About Lying is Never a Good Idea."  Just remember, kiddos, the woman who lied and lied and lied and then lied about lying repeatedly is the same one who said that a person hiding Jews should always tell the truth when Nazis come looking for said Jews, because lying is never ever justified.

How's that again, Christine?


Suzanne said...

fingers and toes crossed ya get the car and deal that is right for you... and that it is a very easy process

Chris Rhetts said...

1. Get your financing together BEFORE you go back. Tell the dealership your best interest rate and don't use their lender unless they beat your rate by at least a half point.

2. Don't buy extended warranty or credit life.

3. Pay only for the car, sales tax and at most $100.00 in misc. fees. Don't pay for any dealer add-ons, paint sealers, fabric protectors, etc. Be sure to ask for a complete break down of the total price.

Terribly sorry if you've heard all this before but can really get ripped off. I should know, I did it for years...